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What We Do- We are a respected supplier and manufacturer of mobile security trailers powered by solar panels We also offer hard wired surveillance installation kits.  We pride ourselves keeping up with the always changing technologies which allow all of our solutions to utilize the most current video analytics.  Our solutions are fully customized to suit your customer’s needs.

Our Solutions- S3 Technology offers versatile security solutions for remote or complex  applications that require maximum audio and video coverage. As an example of our technology, a 20,000 seat stadium recently installed our security cameras and lighting package with customized viewing/recording software. The end result is a robust surveillance package that allows their security team to zoom in on any face in the stadium at any moment with great detail.  To put that into perspective, every face is being recorded in a full 360 degrees of coverage at all times. With our customizable solutions, we can offer these same types of cameras/technology for your specific application.

How to Buy or Lease from Us- S3 Technology is a manufacturer with elaborate remote surveillance capabilities and mobile applications that move as fast as your clients do. Every aspect of our solutions is equipped using the best suppliers with competitive pricing that we translate to you. Whether you need to buy or lease equipment for your clients, we can supply you with the most impressive security packages and software to meet your most challenging needs.  Please contact our sales team to schedule a demonstration and to learn more about purchasing or lease options.

Our Equipment is Protected Under Warranty- S3 Technology offers a standard 1-year warranty on our equipment along with additional supplier’s warranties.


Customizable Options:

2-way audio: This feature allows you to capture audio and install an app on your phone that provides direct communication with those standing beside the unit.

Wi-Fi: Use your mobile surveillance trailer as a “Hot Spot” for Internet connectivity.

GPS: Equip your units with GPS and track their movements.

Shock Sensors: These sensors will alert you when someone is trying to vandalize or disable the units.

Video Management Software: We can supply a customized video software package that creates the views, detection, and timed recording loops that you need.

Cameras: Infrared, Thermal, Conventional, PTZ (with up to 32 times zoom) and 4k+ resolution.

Weatherproof Housings: We can provide housings to meet the needs of the climate in which your clients operate.

Custom Colors: Do you need your surveillance systems colored to match a corporation’s branding or your own for leasing? No problem. Simply call our sales team with the details.

Schedule a Demonstration- We are happy to give you a demonstration of how our mobile surveillance units can take on almost any situation that your clients need. With solar-powered trailers, 4k+ video recording, and anti-tampering technologies, our security engineers have got you covered. Contact our sales team for a screen share demonstration of how our systems work. We are happy to answer all of your questions.


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