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Introducing a New Security Solution: The Guardian

The Guardian from S3 Technology, LLC is a solar-powered, portable security station that hosts up to 4 cameras. Its remote managed style allows your clients to monitor footage from their computer or mobile device, and with two-way audio capabilities, they can closely monitor not only visuals but also sound.  They can even vocally deter suspicious activity straight from phone to the station. The Guardian has analytical capabilities such as human/vehicle detection and object tracking and can even detect when an object has been left behind. Its portability, solar-charging ability, and easy setup will make implementing security at events such as concerts, marathons, and construction sites efficient and easy.

S3 Technology, LLC offers complete customization for The Guardian. GPS tracking for your station is available to track its whereabouts. The Guardian is also capable of being a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is very useful in remote applications. Also, its shock sensor system helps keep your station safe by notifying you when someone is vandalizing or tampering with it. Camera options include conventional, thermal, infrared and PTZ, allowing up to 32x zoom and 4k resolution. We also offer color customization to match the look and style of a business or event and even waterproof housing to accommodate weather conditions in the area of operation.

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