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At S3 Technology, LLC we are proud to offer a variety of security solutions. We provide mobile surveillance technology for various outdoor locations such as construction sites, solar farms, concert venues, marathon races, sporting events, storefronts, parks and various public event centers.  Our team of experts has designed a robust surveillance package that will add more safety to any location. Many vendors are proud to offer the Guardian Mobile Security System to their clients as one of the most convenient mobile security systems on the market. Because our technology is run entirely on solar,  it’s easier than ever to set up a surveillance camera in almost any outdoor area. For example, our technology has been stationed in a 20,000 seat stadium. These monitoring capabilities allowed their security team to zoom in on any face in full 360-degree coverage at all times. This unique feature adds extra security to any public venue. At S3, the importance of knowing you and your family are safe is our number one priority. From remote or complex applications, S3 can help you!

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